Don’t be fooled by the sudden explosion in popularity of beards amongst our male friends, manscaping is still a thing.

Whilst men still want to keep all the hair on their chins here we’ve noticed an increase in the amount of men coming in for a quick wax. Some guys may argue that defined eyebrows and a bikini (or budgie smuggler) wax are only for the ladies but they’d be wrong.  Not only is a well-groomed man more appealing, but staying stylish can also help boost confidence.

So today we’ve come up with a few do’s and don’ts of manscaping that we want to share with our male friends.


Wax your back and shoulders 

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind a little hair here and there but there are some areas of the body that should remain smooth as silk. Get your back and shoulders waxed by a professional every six weeks or so and avoid spending your days at the beach being mistaken for Chewbacca.

 Trim your chest 

Gone are the days of low cut shirts and forests of chest hair making their way over your plunging V neck. This may have been cool in the 70’s but unless your dressing up as John Travolta for a Saturday Night Fever tribute party, your going to have a bad time. How much you trim and how low you go is up to personal preference, but a chest wax will reduce the five o’clock shadow and have your chest looking groomed not overgrown!


Use at-home waxes or sprays 
DIY is fine for arts and crafts but when it comes to using a cheap wax kit from the chemist, taking matters into your own hands will likely end in blood, sweat, tears and a nasty rash. Ingrown hairs are hard to avoid when DIY is involved. Remember you don’t drill your own teeth.

So guys, if you’re in need of some serious manscaping or just a bit of maintenance pop into Wax’d, no appointment required!

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