Top tips for keeping your spray tan fresh

The weather is getting warmer and beach season is almost here all you need now is the perfect spray tan! Here are some handy hints to keep you looking sun kissed all year round.

  1. Before you even step into the salon make sure you exfoliate. Using a Riffi Mitt $19.95 with a body wash before you are sprayed will help you achieve a deeper, more even tan. Remember to avoid wearing perfumes and deodorants on the day as the chemicals may effect the tanning solution.
  2. Skip the shower or any water for the time recommended by your therapist. Most spray tans take about 5 – 8 hours to develop, so showering or getting the tanned area wet before it is fully developed could lead to patchiness and a loss of colour.
  3. Do not moisturise before a spray tan, just after your first shower and once a day after that. We highly recommend Waxd Vanilla Body lotion ($14.95) Its our go to product to prevent fading. We also have a great range of after tan bronzers if you need to extend your tan at home or while on holidays.
  4. After your tan avoid using scrubs and strong soaps whilst showering as these products can fade your tan drastically. It is also best to avoid long and hot showers.
  5. Wax before your spray tan, doing so afterwards can take off more than just your hair!

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